Dear Brothers and Sisters,

On behalf of the Sudbury Northern Muslim Association (NMA). it is my privilege to invite all the Association registered members to nominate potential candidates to serve as directors of the NMA Board. This will be for the period of September 1st, 2021 until the end of the NMA Congress in the summer of 2023.

The NMA Board is the executive arm of the Association. Its elected members include the President, two Vice-Presidents, a treasurer, and a secretary.

According to the NMA By-Law, any individual member of the Corporation can nominate one potential candidate who meet the association membership qualification and requirements. Importantly, nomination does not guarantee election.

The Board will review all nominations and provide a slate of candidates for all positions on the Board at its meeting on August 28, 2021.

As far as possible, the Board membership should embody the range of educational and professional backgrounds, genders, and age classes in our community. Therefore, the selection process for Board nominations 2021-2023 seeks to identify outstanding persons in these categories. Nominations of female candidates are especially encouraged.

In making a nomination, our members are asked to confirm that the individual person is willing to serve on the board . Meetings are typically held once a month. they are also requested to put forward reasons why the candidate would be particularly qualified for the office s/he is nominated for. This should also provide an indication of her/his record in serving the community.

Please note that as a Canadian non-profits organization, all positions are held by volunteer board of directors

All nominations are to be sent via email to

NMA Board of Directors

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