Code of Conduct

Northern Muslim Association , (“NMA”) Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct applies to everyone coming onto NMA premises or attending NMA sponsored events off-premises, dues-paying Members of NMA, guests, and the general public. For convenience, all such persons are referred to herein as “Invitees.”

1.    Purpose

All Muslims, especially Invitees of MNA must uphold all Islamic values and conduct to the best of their abilities. This Code of Conduct provides a set of standards for conduct for all NMA Invitees in various situations.

2.    Responsibility

Responsibility for adherence to the NMA Code of Conduct rests with the individual. Invitees who disregard this NMA Code of Conduct will be subject to corrective action as specified at 4.0 and 5.0 below.

The Prophet (pbuh) prohibited those quarrels, noisy arguments, fights and punishments to take place inside the mosque. Anything that can generate harm to the people or to the mosque and its surroundings, both natural and man-made, is to be shunned in mosques.

Facility must be kept clean and tidy by all Invitees.

Invitees must strive to keep the highest safety and security standards. The absolute wellbeing of the people is the primary objective of Isla

3.    Improper Behavior

NMA strives to provide a congenial environment that is free from physical, psychological, written, or verbal intimidation or harassment. Invitees have a duty to report any perceived misconduct of others to the Board Trustees.

No solicitation or distribution of any materials on NMA property or at NMA events is permitted without written approval of the Board of Trustees.

Posted hours of Masjid operation must be observed by all.

No overnight use of the NMA facility, or sleeping in the facility is allowed, without the written consent and approval of the Board.

All Invitees must treat each other and the NMA Imam, officials, and volunteers with respect. False, derogatory and insulting remarks will not be tolerated.

Improper behavior encompasses a broad range of physical, written, or verbal behavior, including but not limited to:

  1. Physical or mental abuse.
  2. Improper, rude, profane or abusive language.
  3. Heated argument or quarrel or any other disruptive behavior.
  4. Physical assault.
  5. Racial insults.
  6. Derogatory ethnic slurs.
  7. Unwelcome sexual advances, comments, insinuations or jokes
  8. Display of offensive or un-Islamic materials
  9. Humiliate, ridicule, threaten, or degrade children and/or youth. Use any discipline that frightens or humiliates children and/or youth. Use profanity in the presence of children and/or youth.
  10. Physical damage to NMA property; removal of NMA property from the facility without prior approval from the Board; removing or tampering with the security systems, door hardware (locks), cameras, or intentionally leaving the property unsecure.

Improper behavior can be a single severe incident or a persistent pattern of behavior where the purpose or the effect is to create a hostile, offensive, or intimidating environment.

Allegations of improper behavior will be taken seriously and should be reported immediately to the Board. When it appears that an Invitee has violated this Code of Conduct, fellow Invitees should report the issue to the Board of Trustees. The Board will investigate and decide on the proper course of action against the individual who committed these violations.

4.    Hearing Policy

The Board of Trustees will be the hearing and deciding body to enforce this Code of Conduct. If the accused is a member of the Board, he/she will be recused. A thorough investigation will ensue which will include hearings from both parties and their witnesses. The proceedings will be recorded in the minutes of the Board meetings. The decision of the Board will be Final.

5.    Decision & Consequences

Following are the consequences of violating the NMA Code of Conduct:

First Offense: Verbal reproach.

Second Offense: Written warning.

Third Offense: Revocation of NMA privileges and not eligible to hold a NMA office for a Minimum of 10 years.

In case of an egregious behavior that threatens the security of the community and/or the facility, the Board of Trustees reserves the right to immediately expel the perpetrator and bar him/her from entering NMA property or attending NMA sponsored activities.

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