Dear Brothers and Sisters, Alsalam Aliukum Wa Rahmato Allahi Wa Barkatuh,

It is Muharram, the month marking the beginning of the new Islamic Year, it is also one of the holiest months for us Muslims. This is going to be our second Hijri year during the COVID-19 pandemic. With some of the social distancing restrictions still in place to help control the virus spread. The Ontario government has, however, increased the allowed indoor capacity at places of worship what helped us accommodate more worshipers at our mosque. We pray to Allah (swt) to guide humanity to find a cure to this and all diseases so our lives can go back to normal.

The NMA board of directors would like to express our sincerest gratitude and request dua’s from our community members for our precious volunteers, who consistently donate their time, money, and efforts to the community whenever the need arises during these hard times.

The ongoing support from our community means so much to us and we are profoundly grateful to see the improvements everyone had witnessed in voluntary work from our brothers and sisters since the Masjid reopened its doors and would like to thank everyone for their efforts and time to keep our NMA Masjid running during difficult time with COVID-19 restrictions.

We also pleased to acknowledge the great efforts from our Imam Morad and his team of volunteered brothers and sisters to start summer school for teaching of Islamic studies, Quran and Arabic for kids Along with other activities for adults including Halaqas.

We also would like to greet our brother Abu Anas Jazah Allah Khair for his generous donation of the ‘Minbar’ that added a beauty and quickly became a landmark in our Masjid. Completion of important maintenance work at our Masjid by our brothers such as installation of a rainwater drainage system to direct roof water away from Masjid walls and its foundation did not go unnoticed.

In accordance with the NMA By-Law, On July 19, 2021 the Sudbury Northern Muslim Association (NMA) have announced at the Masjid and on the NMA Website an important information about a call to nominate candidates to serve as directors of the NMA Board. The next step the NMA Board of Directors is committed to do is to review all nominations and provide a slate of candidates for all positions on the Board at its meeting on August 28, 2021. Refer to our website and by-law for the nomination and review process.

We will start to provide the Community with a summary of events from past months to shed light on what had occurred and has led us to the position we are all in.

  • At the March 2021 Board meeting, the current NMA Board have reviewed and initially considered the nominated community members to serve in the Board, pending meeting NMA membership qualifications. 
  • Since the first meeting in March the current Board had learned that newly nominated individuals did not meet required qualification to be Director and Officer of the NMA as per current NMA By-Law.
  • Due to the pandemic and a lot of uncertainty with position of individuals and their role with respect to NMA Board, we have witnessed in the past months spread of confusion, rumors, toxic behavior and call for disorganization inside Masjid.

Please accept our sincere apologies for the delay in acknowledging these facts noted above and lack of communication from our end what allowed for certain individuals to spread rumors and false information based on unfounded accusations in order to create chaos and disorganization among our community and at our Masjid in the past few months.

We’ve since realized there is an urgent need to take this matter to its highest priority and act with full transparency with respect to next steps and will assure you what happened in the past from certain individuals with regards to improper behavior to create hostile and offensive environment at our Masjid property will not happen again.

As we continue through this process, we would like to mention below few important reminders as per NMA Code of Conduct (full copy of Code of Conduct is published at NMA website –

  • Improper behavior such as single severe incident or a persistent pattern of behavior where the purpose or the effect is to create a hostile, offensive, or intimidating environment will not be accepted and will be subject to consequences of violating the NMA Code of Conduct.
  • No solicitation or distribution of any materials on NMA property or at NMA events is permitted without written approval of the NMA Board.
  • Any violations to what have been mentioned above, the NMA Board will take further steps as outlined in NMA Code of Conducts to maintain the safety of NMA property.

Lets all work together, united as a one Muslim group for sole purpose of providing a shiny future for our kids and youth and protect our human rights here in Sudbury.

Jazakum Allah Khair. Salam Aliukum

NMA Board of Directors

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